Entsar’s story

Entsar came to the Centre when her whole life was falling apart.  She was in despair as she was in a strange country, couldn’t speak the language and was coping on her own in a very cramped flat with two small children.
Entsar came to the UK from Kuwait to join her husband who was working in London. She became pregnant for the third time and had no friends or family in the area. Consequently, she became very depressed and had to go on medication.  It was when her oldest child went to school she met another mother who told her about the Cardinal Hume Centre and suggested she visit, since then her life has been turned around.

“I started coming to the Centre every day at first and the people were all so kind and helpful.  They helped me to learn to speak English by gently advising me at first.  I was shy and they didn’t laugh at me when I said things the wrong way.  I then started having English lessons at the Centre and made an Arabic friend in the lessons – the teacher was strict and sometimes told us off for talking Arabic but she was right to do so – we learned so much!  I went on to do exams which included doing a poster and presentation on life in Kuwait especially in 1990 and it really built my confidence”

Entsar’s home was damp and her son sick with asthma but staff helped her fill out the necessary forms to get into a better home. While she attended classes at the Centre, Entsar’s children, who were too young to go to school, were looked after in the crèche and made great progress in speaking English and with their own learning.  Entsar was also able to work with her children on their behavioural problems with help from the Family Centre staff.  Entsar comes to the Centre twice a week with her youngest son Malek who’s three.

“I think the Government should be opening more Centres like this not closing them down.  I see that my youngest son will not have the problems in school that my older children had because he has been able to come to the Centre since he was three months old and I am very grateful for this. The support of the Centre and Entsar’s own hard work has turned her life around. She can now speak excellent English, has several childcare qualifications and is hoping to work in a primary school.


Entsar is just one of many people who come to the Centre every day, desperate for help. We know that with support from the Centre, people can change their life for the better.

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