25 ways to celebrate our 25th

Sandra Deeble – Community Fundraiser.
I work with all sorts of amazing people who raise money for the Centre doing a range of activities. To help celebrate our 25th Anniversary I wanted to put together a list of my favourite 25 fundraising ideas, but I need some help to finish it off.

1. Join the Big Cheese Celebration. This year is our 25th Anniversary and we are celebrating in cheese and wine style.  Think retro, think a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

2. Raise money in your sleep. Take part in the Big Sleepout, a sponsored sleep that you can do in a group at school, college or at work.

3. Join the George Basil Hume Foundation – £5 every month can really make a big difference and you’ll be helping secure the legacy of Cardinal Hume.

4. Shed kilos, gain pounds – Swim, walk, run, cycle, just make sure you ask someone to fill in your sponsor form first.  Better still, set up a JustGiving page and do remind your sponsors about GiftAid!

5. Hot cakes – Carrot, chocolate, butterfly or red velvet cupcakes.  Cakes always go down a treat.  Bake at home and sell your cakes at school, work or church. They will sell like hot cakes.

6. Stars in your eyes – Britain really has got talent.  Whether it’s dancing, singing or magic tricks, you can organise a talent show and invite people to come along and make a donation rather than buying a ticket.  It’s fun and you’ll be amazed by what people can actually do!

7. Get packing – There’s nothing like someone offering to pack your bags after you’ve been around the supermarket.  Get together with a group of friends for a few hours one Saturday and pack people’s bags at the till.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised when people tip handsomely for friendly service with a smile.

8. Car wash – Set up a car or even bike wash in a car park or field.  Make a poster.  Arm yourselves with sponges and soapy water.  This is popular so make sure there are a few of you to work together.

9. Canine capers – Offer to walk someone else’s dog and ask them to make a donation to your chosen charity.  It’s fun and it’s good exercise.

10. Sing, play, applaud – You may already be in a choir or an orchestra.  If you sing or play in an annual concert, then why not consider doing it for charity?  You can make tickets and ask people to make a donation, or you can have a collection after the performance.

11. Swishy-swoo – We have all got clothes that we don’t seem to wear.  Rather than hiding them in your wardrobe, why not set them free!  Invite friends over one evening, provide drinks and snacks and ask everyone to contribute something (£5?) and most importantly, invite everyone to bring all the clothes they would like to swap.

12. Pennies from heaven – This is so simple, it usually gets overlooked.  Place a collecting box or tin in a prominent position – at a till in your local shop or on the reception desk at school or work and let the unwanted small change role in.

13. Bring and buy – Not new – but it still works a treat.  Choose a date and location and invite people to bring anything that is cluttering up their home.  Books, films, music, whatever. Then watch people buy other people’s stuff.  One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

14. Second class – Once a month, decide to send all office mail by second class post. Work out how much money is being saved – and make a donation

15. Be masterful – If you know someone who is good at something – making meringues, flower arranging, willow sculpture, origami – then perhaps you could persuade them to give a masterclass.  Invite people to come along and they will be happy to make a donation to learn something new.

16. Quiz-tastic – Quiz evenings – particularly those that come with fish and chips – are brilliant!  Do it in your own style.  Make lots of money!

17. Give it up – Lent, Advent, or perhaps you just want a break from chocolates and cakes.  Go without something and donate the money you would normally spend.

18. Baby photo competition – Everyone brings in a baby photo, pin them up and charge people to guess who’s who. Award a small prize for the most correct answers.

19. Going, going, gone! – Auctions of promises are truly inspired.  Everyone offers their lot: a dance class, an evening’s babysitting, fresh flowers brought to your desk for a week, an Italian conversation class…and then you auction them off.

20. Ebay it – Clear out that attic or garage, anything that you no longer want sell it through Ebay and you can donate from 10-100% of the money you make from it.

21. Put the kettle on – Keep it simple.  Invite friends over for afternoon tea.  Bake a cake.  Have a natter. Have a raffle.  Or a tombola.

22. Non-uniform day – Fed up with wearing the same clothes everyday? Pay £1 to dress however you like. Or wear the silliest clothes you can find and get sponsored for the embarrassment.

23,24 & 25…………………………………………..

We want to hear your ideas, what have you been doing to raise money for the Centre?