Launching our 25th Anniversary

Cathy Corcoran – CEO
Cathy CorcoranI think the world is divided into two very distinct types of people.  Those who enjoy their own party and those like me , who don’t;  but I would like to go back and enjoy the three very different parties we have just had to launch our 25th Anniversary.

Perhaps parties is the wrong word  – though everyone who went to each event, very definitely enjoyed them.  Each one had a different ‘audience’, the venues were vastly different – the House of Lords, the new 5-star Corinthia Hotel on Whitehall and the Centre itself – but the theme was the same. Celebrating the legacy of Cardinal Hume, alive and well in the work of the Centre he founded; celebrating the hard work of everyone who has come to the Centre for help and turned their lives around, and celebrating the loyal and generous support of all the people who give their money and their time.

We are good at parties and we are very good at welcoming and helping the people who are often not welcome anywhere else.

And so the party is over for the moment, and now the hard work begins, of ensuring that we keep our doors open as times get tougher and more people need us. Will you help us do that?  If the answer is yes, then I invite you to visit the Centre and see at firsthand what happens here. You would be very welcome.