They think it’s all over.


Brian Beaton – Coach

As the homeless world cup draws to a close I wanted to share the Cardinal Hume’s Centre recent football exploits. Through the time I have worked at the Centre I have been impressed with the football skills of a lot of our clients.

These clients came from England and all around the world.  I have arranged football matches between the Cardinal Hume Centre and other hostels which were all good natured, but competitive events. I facilitated my first Clients v Staff football match in 2009. It was a very enjoyable game and the Staff just scraped a win.

The latest Clients Vs Staff match recently took place. This was not so enjoyable from the Staff’s side of things. The Staff were thumped 18 – 8.  I must add that we are playing six a side, where high scores of this nature are more acceptable. However, in order to maintain staff moral the client’s score has been rounded down.

Generally, the clients in this latest match were younger, fitter and more talented than the poor old staff.  But even though all the clients played very well their goal keeper definitely stood out and was a major difference between the two teams.

As one staff member said ‘We tried headers, volleys. Bicycle and tricycle kicks to beat this goal keeper’.  We all agreed that this 16yr old young man was one of the best goal keepers any of us had played against. It came as no surprise when we found out that he had trials with Real Madrid.

He has recently moved from Spain to live with family in London. I have since become his Coach at the Centre, supporting him to develop his education and trying to get him trials with semi-professional teams.

So maybe this young goal keeper will be a professional football and household name of the future. In the meantime if anyone knows a professional footballer that the staff could borrow for our next match, please get in touch.