25th Anniversary Mass

The Cardinal Hume Centre is  celebrating 25 successful years of enabling homeless young people and local families to turn their lives around and build better futures.

The Centre was set up in 1986 by Cardinal Basil Hume in response to seeing young homeless people sleeping on the streets around the Cathedral.  Today that legacy lives on and the Centre reaches out to some of the most marginalised people in society – young homeless people, families living in overcrowded accommodation, asylum seekers, recovering addicts and the unemployed.  At its heart is the Benedictine ethos that all are welcome.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Patron of the Centre today said:  “The important thing about the Cardinal Hume Centre first of all, is its presence as somewhere for people to go. Then, once they’re there, it’s the quality of what happens inside, and it’s not just the professional quality, but it’s the spirit, the ethos in which that service is delivered, inspired by Cardinal Hume, by his profound sense of Christian service. The breadth of services offered by the Cardinal Hume Centre is clearly important today because in this part of London, there are great contrasts. On the one hand there are busy offices and on the other there are very poor families and immigrant families living in the area. There are also local families under great pressure and it’s marvellous  indeed that the Cardinal Hume Centre responds to the need that is around it and offers help.”

“When working with young people, staff at the Centre spot neglected talent, they spot talent that seems to have no hope and  translate  something that is a frustrated, no hope youngster into somebody who slowly grows in confidence, slowly is able to speak, express themselves, find and develop their talents and then become a contributor to society. That’s the appeal of the Cardinal Hume Centre and I’m sure there are many people out there who recognise the importance of young talent today and making the most of their future.”

Chief Executive of the Centre, Cathy Corcoran said:  “Our emphasis is on enabling the people we work with to live dignified and fulfilling lives.  In the current harsh, economic climate it is even more important to equip people with the means to help themselves as well as supporting them through a time of transition.  As the Government cuts begin to bite we will undoubtedly begin to see more and more young people and families in need. We are prepared to face this challenge and will do everything we can to continue the work the Cardinal started a quarter of a century ago”.

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