Homework club

Many people who come to the Centre are living in inadequate accommodation. For children, sharing one room with their parents means there is no space to play, let alone get their homework done.

Unfortunately we cannot create more houses, but we do try to make life better for those families who are stuck in the queue, waiting for a better home. Our Homework Club is just one way of doing this. Every Tuesday and Wednesday after school, children can come to a warm safe place, with lots of computers, and adults around to answer questions.

Anne-Charlotte Fauny, one of the volunteers said: “Its so satisfying to help children – some of them are extremely bright. If the children’s parents don’t speak English, they find it difficult to help their children – this is where we can help. Others might have dyslexia, or just need some individual attention. I think all children from all backgrounds deserve the chance to do well at school.”