Family trip to Vauxhall City Farm

With help from volunteers from HSBC Asset Management, children and parents from the centre had a great day out at Vauxhall City Farm.

This was a great opportunity for children who may never have encountered more than a dog or cat to get close to more unusual animals, and they enjoyed every minute. It was also an opportunity for isolated parents to build their confidence and have fun with their children and other parents. ‘It was a great day out, we both really enjoyed it and it made me feel confident about taking my son somewhere like that.’ said Khlood, one of the mothers.

After meeting all the animals including Jerry the alpaca, Maple the goat and Webster the rescue duck, the Children got to make greeting cards using Willow the sheep’s wool, before exploring the garden and picking some flowers as souvenirs.

A big thanks to Vauxhall City Farm and HSBC Global Asset Management for making the trip possible.

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