Centre gives children a fun-filled and action packed summer

Over 136 children and parents enjoyed a fun filled, educational and action packed summer of activities and outings as part of the Centre’s summer programme.

The children were able to try new activities throughout the five week summer period. From African drumming to gallery exhibitions, dance classes to zoo visits, drama workshops to a private film screening – each day had a new opportunity.

Each of the five weeks was themed; the first week celebrated London and the Olympics and remaining weeks focused on Africa, China, India and South America – with music, arts and crafts and other educational activities inspired by the theme.

Many of these families would have spent the summer in small cramped flat with little stimulation or outdoor activities for the children. As one mother Mansouria said ‘We live in a small flat and the children can’t make much noise’.

The summer programme provided activities and outings that satisfied the needs and interests of Mansouria’s five children aged 3 to 12, she says ‘we really enjoyed the outings and it was good for the children’.

The Centre also provided a healthy breakfast and lunch each day, relieving one less worry from parents. As Mansouria said ‘It was really good that breakfast and lunch were provided, and that when we went on day trip the staff organised pack lunches.’

Many of the children and parents experienced London in a new light. One mum, Sophia who has a five year old son and four year old daughter said…

‘We did things I couldn’t dream of affording. We went on a boat for the first time in mine and my children’s life. It allowed us to do things we would never have done otherwise. It was great you had the opportunity to go to the theatre and a Channel 4 screening – it was amazing.’

Sophia went on to praise the educational activities offered at the Centre ‘the children learnt skills, for example numeracy through games like bingo. It is learning but in a fun way’.

At the summer programme closing party it was clear from the broad smiles and comments from children and parents that a wonderful summer had been enjoyed by all as Mansouria commented ‘We hope you do the same thing at Christmas’.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Celtic Charity Fund; their generous donation funded the summer programme.

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