Summer programme ends with a party and big smiles.

On Friday 21st August 40 children came with their parents to the Centre’s summer programme closing party.

The family Centre staff had organised a fun filled event to mark the end of the fantastic summer programme. Children aged 2 to 13 came in their best attire – girl in sparkling party dresses and boys in smart shirts all enjoyed the festivities.

There was a wonderful variety of food for the children to enjoy, with some parents cooking their native dishes – Curry from Somalia, Naan and dipping sauce from Afghanistan and cakes from Kuwait, as well as a sandwiches, pizza, fruit and crisps and chocolate.

With the Children energised by this feast it was time for some party games. The fun started with pass the parcel, the children happily passed the newspaper wrapped present in time to the music. This was followed by a spirited game of musical chairs and the day came to an end with a chance for each child to hit the piñata, with 11 year old Mohammed taking the prize with a strong swipe.

The parents also enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with new and old friends and to thank the family Centre staff for such a fun packed summer. As one mum, Sophia said of the family Centre staff ‘they do a fantastic job, they are second to none’.

The children were all in high spirits and few were ready to leave at the end of the party. One child asked ‘are you going to do this at Christmas? I hope so’.

If you live in Westminster and have children then the Centre’s family services can help you.