Team Ward Rises to The Challenge!

Team Ward celebrate their win
Buoyed by the successes of young Olympians, a highly motivated and creative group of young people – Team Ward – came to visit the Centre earlier this month.

Participants of The Challenge Network, spent the morning with us at the Centre, where we were wowed by their enthusiasm, and the intensity and sensitivity of their questions.

They enjoyed a tour of the Centre and then they went back to their temporary base camp at Pimlico Academy where they did a presentation about the CHC in order to win £100 to kick start their fundraising for their chosen charity. The judges found it difficult to pick a winner and so it came down to a representative from each team giving one last 30 second speech as to why their charity should win. A heartfelt plea from one of the young people urging the panel to donate money to the CHC ended up clinching the deal!

On Saturday 8th September Team Ward are coming back to the Centre. Their next challenge is to increase footfall to the Cardinal Hume Centre shop.

We look forward to working with The Challenge in summer 2013.