The Centre announces plans to build 5 new flats

Today the Cardinal Hume Centre is delighted to announce plans to build five new flats for homeless young people. This additional accommodation will increase the number of young people the Centre can help at one time from 32 to 37.

Cathy Corcoran, CEO of the Centre, explains why the Centre is undertaking this new project.

‘Working with our residents and in partnership with Westminster Council we identified a clear need to provide more assistance when it is time to leave the hostel. Leaving a place of stability for the unknown can be a scary prospect. The lack of affordable accommodation nearby means that our young people may have to move away from their job, college and the friends they have made during their year with us. We wanted a way to ensure that the most vulnerable were not removed from their support networks while facing the challenge of living independently for the first time.’

Building five self contained flats will provide the extra support that some young people need to fully turn their lives around. The flats will enable them to gain crucial life skills; paying rent, managing bills, keeping a flat clean and themselves safe.

As we leave our 25th anniversary this project offers young people the best chance possible to develop, discover their talents, find a job and get on with their lives. I have no doubt that is what Cardinal Hume would have wanted when he founded the Centre. I am really hopeful, even if it is just buying a brick, that our great supporters will help us get to our target of £110,000 quickly.’