Christmas comes early

Thanks to the Channel 4 sales team over 50 children were able to have a much happier Christmas. Twenty families who use the Centre to access advice, learning and childcare services were invited to Channel 4 for an exclusive screening of the Snowman and Snowdog.

Adding to the excitement were the pizzas and sweets that had been laid on by Channel 4. It was soon time for the film and the children were led into the screening room. The Snowman and the Snowdog a sequel to the 80’s classic was wonderful, entertaining both children and adults and there was resounding applause as the credits rolled.

Just when the children thought the excitement was coming to an end an unexpected visitor crashed the party. Santa and his elf arrived laden with gifts for every child and parent. The sales team had organised a present collection with each staff member generously donating a gift.

It was a truly special afternoon that offered families that struggle day to day the opportunity to visit the cinema, receive a gift and to meet Santa – things that would not be possible for them otherwise.

Thanks for Channel 4 for organising the screening, their generosity in giving presents and all the support they have given the Centre in 2012.