Employment Team Success Leaves Work Programme in the Shade

Corin Pilling – Manager of Learning, Development and Employment

Over the last 12 months, the Cardinal Hume Centre’s Employment Team has achieved some exceptional results, helping  over 50 clients into work. Many people looking for work are faced with multiple barriers such as housing issues, experiences of long- term unemployment and a lack of relevant skills.  Yet through one service we offer, supported by Job Centre Plus, over 25% of those who sought help with the Centre found employment within 6 months.

Recently, it came to light that only 3.5% of clients who had been signed up for the national initiative, The Work Programme, were successful in securing work. There is a supposedly strong commitment from the government to help those farthest from the labour market, backed by a huge resource. So why the huge difference between the Work Programme’s 3.5% success rate and the Centre’s figure of over 25%.

Three reasons why we are doing so well

Recognising the value of the individual and investing in it.

Most people who experience unemployment are likely to find work within 6 months.  Therefore, it makes sense to invest support after that period if they haven’t found work…doesn’t it?

We have found that the reverse is true. If you have numerous barriers to work, our philosophy is ‘Why Wait?’ From the moment the team meets you, we present the opportunity for positive change. A firm foundation of trust is the cornerstone of coaching and if you have experienced multiple knocks to your confidence, it will need rebuilding before you present to an employer.  A dedicated Job Coach, Jeanita, draws out past achievements and helps each client see their unique skills and value. A process such as this takes time and investment.

Strong links with local employers

We can solve both employers’ recruitment needs and meet our client’s aspirations through tailored matching. Many of the local companies we partner with prefer to recruit through an introduction, rather than a centralised system. They also know that, Richard, the Employment Officer is thorough in selecting and screening suitable candidates and is also on hand to provide support should any issues arise.

Ongoing Support for Clients

Support is provided for new starters during a key transition time, and help to progress into other work is always offered.

These three elements, delivered by a dedicated team, combine to achieve some truly life- changing results.