From scepticism to obsession?

Cathy CorcoranCathy Corcoran OBE – CEO
My life changed quite dramatically in March when I finally got it about Twitter.  I had flirted with using it as a New Year Resolution – twice – much to the pleasure and then disappointment of the fundraising team.  I am now hooked. Twitter is informative, educative, and fun.  From laugh out loud to the source of intense frustration and even anger, it’s all there depending on who and what you choose to follow.

Naturally one driver is increased profile for the Centre and what we do; but then there’s getting information on all the issues which effect the people who come to us for support. Twitter is a great big news feed that could overwhelm you but if you don’t like the tweets or the tweeter, then simply delete them.

From joining in the debates, sharing opinions and sneaking in your favourite pictures – in my case that usually means cats – it’s the social media tool that works for you.  And remember that in order to enjoy Twitter you don’t need to participate – just open an account (free) and tune in to the world.

How did I find out about who the new Pope is?  That a plane had crash landed at Heathrow?  That I should avoid BBC Question Time as it would infuriate me? That everything we feared about the impact of welfare reform is coming true?  That for every racist there might be, there are many more who care about their fellow human beings?  On Twitter.

If you are passionate about anything from Dr Who to your favourite charity – besides the Centre of course – from poetry to the football results, from new books to the latest petition, you will find it (easily) on Twitter.

I am having a lot of fun but I have also not felt this well educated and up to speed on the things that really matter to me and the people the Centre tries to reach, for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes there may be too much information but it’s very easy to save it to read later or to press a button and share it with colleagues or friends.

Already I am finding the discipline of using only 140 characters coming into play in everything else I write – texts, emails and even this blog!

So have a go!  Identify what your interests are and who is tweeting about them! Find your voice! And enjoy!

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