Making Music!


“We got to create our own beats!”

Javier Davis is one of thirteen hostel residents who took part in a series of music production workshops in the Centre’s Hostel on Friday evenings. It was a great opportunity to learn something new.

As Javier says, “In some ways it’s easy to get lazy and not use your time productively. It was great to have the sessions on a Friday, especially for two whole hours. It meant it wasn’t like you just got into it, and it was over, it was a whole evening.”

Workshops are not simply about providing entertainment, as Brian Beaton, one of the Hostel coaches says:  “The workshops have allowed the young people to work together in a positive environment and have created an excitement, sense of achievement and a mutual respect amongst peers.”

Javier, and the rest if the group had the chance to write their own compositions, and voiced creative raps/poetry over the beats they have made. Brian is really proud of them: “They showed such a high level of creative writing and thinking which we may never of realised if it wasn’t for their engagement in the workshop!”

“I really enjoyed the opportunity and learnt so much”, says Javier. “I really hope that enough people sign up so we can start a 10 week course soon.”