Who Benefits?


WhoBenefits_MasterLogo_blackOutline_500pxWLike millions of others, homeless people, families in poverty, and those struggling on low income jobs often need help from benefits to make ends meet.

Too often their voices—like those of others supported by benefits—get ignored, their lives misrepresented.

The Cardinal Hume Centre is part of a coalition of charities, community groups and faith organisations aiming to change that.

Have you ever been supported by benefits?

We believe politicians should do more to listen to and understand the experiences of people who’ve been supported by benefits. By speaking out you can show the reality of who needs help, the reasons why and the difference it makes.

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“But I’ve never been supported by benefits”

Life can be unpredictable, but no one should go hungry because they lose their job or become homeless because they get ill.  Support should be there for all of us if we need it.

Even if you have never needed help from benefits yourself you can still take action.