A Boy called Basil

Matthew Pate was so impressed with the Cardinal Hume Centre he decided to choose Basil as his confirmation name.

Matthew Pate‘Basil Hume died two months before I was born, but remains in memory as a person of great faith. Before I began my Confirmation course I knew who Hume was, but knew very little about him. But it was during the course I learnt about why Basil Hume was such a highly regarded Cardinal, because he not just wanted to pray for people, but wanted to help them in a practical way. He would often talk to homeless people as he walked along the streets and discussed how they had got into that position, and he felt so compassionately sorry for them that he set up the Cardinal Hume Centre in 1986.

The Centre has made such an impact to numerous people over the years, and has continued to flourish in the years following Cardinal Hume’s death. The values and visions are simple and are so effective at getting people’s lives on the right track. I think that the basic values Hume lived by are the reason why the Centre is still alive today.

My Confirmation name was hard to decide upon, but I eventually settled with Basil. It was originally based upon Saint Basil of Caesarea, the patron saint of the Russian Federation. He too was well known for his care for the poor and underprivileged. From this, I suppose that Basil Hume is modern day version of Saint Basil of Caesarea because he cared for those who desperately needed help. These two people inspired my choice of Basil.’

If you are in a confirmation group, or organise one, and would like to visit the Centre, please contact sandradeeble@cardinalhumecentre.org.uk  or call 020 7222 1602.