Dean’s Story

Portrait of a casual young manDean had been addicted to Class A drugs since the age of 13. Eventually, his relationship with his parents, both substance users, broke down and Dean’s mum left the family home. His father found it difficult to look after Dean and his brother so eventually they were taken into care.

This started a downward spiral and for 20 tumultuous years drugs consumed Dean’s life. Along with drugs came crime and then inevitably prison. Then one day, Dean had an epiphany.

“I was hit with the realisation that I didn’t need to live like this, that there was another way. It seriously was like a bolt of lightening.”

After a year-long programme in rehabilitation, Dean is finally drug-free and living his life to the full. The Centre has been key in helping Dean to keep away from drugs and he believes the support, encouragement and advice he gets from staff has helped maintain his new way of life.

“I am and always will be grateful to the Centre for everything they have done for me.”

He is now studying for an NVQ in Health and Social Care, and is in the process of making a short film. He has also completed a counselling course.

Recently, Dean was matched with a volunteer Mentor, who he meets every couple of weeks and who provides support and a listening ear. Dean now says:

“I want to make a success of the rest of my life, every day is a battle but one I am determined to win.”

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