My homeless experience – about my confidence

Rosie – Hostel Coach

I remember. It brings back so many flashbacks when I think how weak and depressed I used to be.

When I came here to this hostel (Cardinal Hume Centre) I felt paranoid. I didn’t want to cope, I felt really scared because I thought that only drug addicts were the type of people who stayed in hostels.

But as one month flew by, I felt much more confident of where I was going. I cooperated well with staff and residents at the hostel. This helped me with a break-though, and massive experience for my confidence.

I never thought the Cardinal Hume Centre would help me to build my confidence. At times I do feel depressed, and feel i don’t have the strength to move on with my life. But, what I forget are all the facilities they have at this hostel, my coach (Rosie – pictured) is amazing. She has made me feel really secure, safe and helped me to build a lot of confidence in myself. Without the Cardinal Hume Centre staff, I wouldn’t be here right now, full of energy and pride.


With the right support, young people can turn their life around and take steps towards independence. To give them this chance, we need your help.