Parents campaign for better housing – video

Staff and supporters have been attending the first public screening of a highly moving film produced with support from the Centre.

Parents who use Cardinal Hume Centre’s family services are campaigning for better support, advice and information for families living in overcrowded or poor quality housing.

To help promote the campaign, and to portray the conditions and emotions involved, the parents have produced this short film with support from the Centre and Save the Children’s In My Back Yard programme:

In addition to the screening, which was very well received, there was a Q&A with a panel of experts on the issues of housing, advice and child poverty.

Lucy Greenwood, from the National Housing Federation, said she thought that the video was an excellent way to get the to the message across.

“There are two problems here,” said Lucy. “There is a chronic housing crisis, we need thousands more houses to be built, but also councils aren’t doing enough. Just because you live in a crowded house shouldn’t mean you also have to put up with damp conditions.”

Lucy is also running a campaign named Yes To Homes, which is petitioning for action. She added: “The people who get their way and get listened to are the groups who vote. Tenants need to make sure they register and vote.”

Ben Denton, Strategic Director for Housing & Regeneration at Westminster City Council, agreed with the campaign’s call for clarity.

“It is important that people are given a clear message over housing” said Ben. “The biggest issue in Westminster from a housing perspective is overcrowding. We’re constantly trying to address it, it’s a very challenging task, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work hard at it.”

The families in this video are highly representative of the people our busy housing team help and advise every day. They make a real difference but they can’t do it without your help.