Yahya’s Story

“I have never held my Son.”

Yahya Hussein fled Somalia 3 years ago in fear for his life, leaving behind his daughter and wife, who was pregnant with their son at the time .

Although qualified as an accountant in Somalia, this was no use when applying for jobs in the UK. Yahya said “I could have got a low level temporary job, but I want to do more than survive, I want to build a future, so that I can provide for my wife and family”.Yahya -Stock Image

Yahya had learned some English in Somalia, but needed support with his spoken English; he has been coming to the Cardinal Hume Centre’s ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) classes for 5 months. The classes here have massively improved his confidence. “My teacher is so helpful, I am remembering better and better”.

Yahya misses his wife, and more than anything wants to see his Son.

“I miss her, I miss them, but there is no point them coming until I can support them. I want to be successful first and give something back.”

While improving his English, Yahya has managed to complete a 6 week IT course at Southbank University, as well as a Maths course at Croydon College, and has now started his Accounting and Finance degree at Greenwich University.

Sometimes, knowing you have somewhere to go for help is all that’s needed, as Yahya says: “I can always come to the Centre for advice, everyone is so kind”.

Our award winning ESOL classes are taught by volunteers and funded by our valued supporters. Please help if you can.

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To protect Yahya’s idenity, a stock image has been used.