The Volunteer Survey 2014

Our volunteers are incredibly valuable to us, therefore we want to know whether they feel valued and if their time here is mutually beneficial. For two years we have collected detailed feedback from them in the Annual Volunteer Survey, and the 2014 results are in.

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The Volunteer Week BBQ

Sixty five of the hundred volunteers it was sent to responded, a higher rate than last year. The real take home improvement is that the percentage of those who said they were very or extremely satisfied has risen from 83% to 95%.

Flora Swartland, one of the Centre’s two volunteer coordinators, said: “Our volunteers enable us to extend our reach to people who need our help so it is essential that we seek and listen to their feedback. Thank you so much to those who took part in he survey which will help us to continually improve our volunteer experience and ultimately our service to clients.”

Since we did the first volunteer survey in 2013 we have been working hard to listen and make positive changes based on what you told us.  Some of the key developments from the 2013 survey have been:

* A new induction checklist for new volunteers given to staff showing who is responsible and what must be covered.  Also given to new volunteers so they can ask for information if not being provided.

* Training to staff on “Getting Support and Supervision Right” so staff have a better understanding of their role as a volunteer supervisor and what their responsibilities are.

* Providing client facing volunteers with training in Professional Boundaries and Safeguarding and reviewing overall essential training needs.

* Introduction of gold lanyards for volunteers so everyone knows who our volunteers are.

The full, easily digestible, report can be downloaded here . Overall the results are very positive, 98% would recommend volunteering at the Centre, 93% feel supported by their supervisor, 92% feel their time is well used. All of these are improvements upon last year. The benefit of this being the second year is that we’ve been able to bench mark improvements against 2013 survey and the report shows this with clear colour coded graphics.

There has been huge improvements with how we communicate with our volunteers. Ninety percent feel they are kept informed of Centre developments, the percentage of people receiving the bi-annual magazine has almost doubled, and the number receiving regular one-to-one supervision meetings has jumped from 24% to 61%!

The Volunteering Team will be looking at actions for this year and we are looking forward to sharing these developments with you.