Plater Trust Awards

Once again we were delighted to host the annual Plater Trust Awards, presented by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, who is also a Patron of the Cardinal Hume Centre.
Fr.Plater-and-JimEach year, the Plater Trust funds projects which bring alive social justice, and support education for disadvantaged people. This year’s winners focus on ‘the intellectual endeavour of reviewing and contributing to Catholic Social Thought (CST) within our own British context… specifically [the] Catholic character of the mission and work of Catholic charities today and their links to CST.’

We hope to benefit from the fruits of the awards as an organisation grounded in Catholic Social Thought and working within the daily reality of people living in Britain. The Centre works with homeless young people, families in need and many others to gain the skills to overcome poverty and homelessness.

The Plater Trust continues the work of the founders of Plater College, Oxford, which closed in 2006. It is a charitable organisation dedicated to advancing the work of Fr Charles Plater by making grants to organisations throughout England and Wales.

This year, the Trustees allocated £155,000 to support four research based projects: Durham University in partnership with Catholic Social Action Network (of which the Centre is a member); Theos think tank; Roehampton University in partnership with Marriage Care; and the Von Hügel Institute.

It was a real pleasure to welcome all the winners to our Family Centre, transformed for the night from a nursery and crèche to a glittering awards venue!

Further information on the Plater Trust can be found at