Saturday Kitchen comes to the Cardinal Hume Centre

A parent enjoys the cooking class
A parent enjoys the cooking class

Saturday Kitchen arrives a day early at the Cardinal Hume Centre this week when famous chef from the Ember Yard restaurant, Ben Tish, comes to deliver a culinary master class for young residents from the Centre’s hostel and  users of its family services.

Ember Yard, recently voted one of London’s top restaurants, has chosen the Centre as its charity partner. Over the last 12 months, customers have donated over £16,000 via a £1 addition to their bill. This incredible sum has gone towards training a new generation of cooks at the Centre.

On Friday (27 March 2015), Ben Tish – the Chef Director of the Salt Yard Group which owns Ember Yard who regularly appears on Saturday Kitchen and in the Independent and Metro – will be cooking a tasty treat for some lucky members of the Centre’s community. Ben is looking forward to Friday,

‘I’m delighted to be involved in this project. Two things that are dear to my heart are teaching and food and these are essential parts of life. If I can pass on these skills or inspire then I’ll be very happy indeed.’

After making and serving a nutritious and healthy meal at the Centre, Ben will be sharing his top tips on preparing delicious meals on a budget to young hostel residents and parents of children from the nursery, all of whom have benefited from the generosity of Ember Yard and its customers.

Young people as young as 16 living in the Centre’s hostel have been learning how to plan, budget, shop, and cook a whole range of nutritious meals. Hannah who has taken part in the weekly sessions, says,

‘At first I wasn’t interacting much with other people in the hostel, but the cooking classes taught me how to cook, learn new skills, and made me interact with people in the kitchen and start to talk to other residents.’

Families with little income who use the Centre’s family services have been learning how to cook healthy family meals on a budget each week.

Cathy Corcoron, CEO of the Cardinal Hume Centre, praises the joint programme,

 ‘The partnership between Ember Yard and the Centre is wonderful. The skills people are learning are ones which help them and their families for life. However, what worries me especially as we move towards the General Election is the increasing number of working families – some 6.3 million  people – who are living below the poverty line and can’t afford to buy the basics to put a nutritious meal on the table for their families.’

The ongoing support of companies like Ember Yard helps the Centre to help more people to overcome the barriers keeping people in poverty. Working with Ember Yard has provided the Centre with more than just financial support, as Trish Marron, the Centre’s Corporate Fundraiser, notes,

‘The support of Ember Yard has been absolutely fantastic. The simple idea of adding £1 to each bill has not only raised an amazing amount of money, but also allowed the Cardinal Hume Centre to reach a whole new audience, increasing awareness of our work.’