General Election 2015: What matters is our action

With just three weeks until the General Election, the Centre continues to encourage all volunteers, clients and staff to find out about the stance of candidates on issues that matter to them, to register (by Monday 20 April!), and ultimately to use their right to vote.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, our patron, has released a video and letter from the Catholic Bishops encouraging people to ask questions of candidates around the areas of respecting life, marriage and family, education, building communities, caring for the world, as well as domestic poverty.

In it, the Cardinal challenges, ‘What matters is our action more than our opinion… the actions of those who govern us, and the actions that shape our contribution to our society today’.

Cathy Corcoran, CEO of the Centre, echoes the Cardinal’s words, ‘At the Centre we respond effectively to the needs of the people who come to us, and we also ask why there is that need. It is a key part of any Catholic charity to respond to need, to ask why, and to direct this question to, as the Cardinal describes, “those who, on our behalf, shape our laws and fashion the society that we live in”.’

You can read the letter and watch more videos on the issues it raises at

One of the videos features Bishop Terence Drainey of Middlesbrough, who is a Trustee of Caritas Social Action Network (of which we’re a member), speaking on domestic poverty.