The common good will not be attained by excluding people.

On the eve of the election and with the beatification of Archbishop Romero of San Salvador taking place in a couple of weeks, some words of wisdom from the Archbishop in July 1977.

“The common good will not be attained by excluding people. We can’t enrich the common good of our country by driving out those we don’t care for. We have to try to bring out all that is good in each person and try to develop an atmosphere of trust, not with the physical force, as though dealing with irrational beings, but with a moral force that draws out the good that is in everyone, especially in concerned young people.

“Thus, with all contributing their own interior life, their own responsibility, their own way of being, all can build the beautiful structure of the common good, the good that we construct together and that creates conditions of kindness, of trust, of freedom, of peace.”

-Archbishop Oscar Romero, 10 July 1977


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