A varied experience of work

The Centre was very grateful to have two enthusiastic volunteers from London Nautical School helping out across various services last week.

Completing a weeks’ work experience at the end of year 10 is a well established rite of passage in UK schools. The huge variety of good work that happens at the Centre makes it an ideal place to gain a feel for the workplace. At the end of the week, Bruke (pictured, right) and Arthur wrote about what they would take away from the experience.150717 Arthur and  Bruke (1)

Bruke Workneh
Having done a weeks’ worth of work experience within the Cardinal Hume Centre, it is finally that time when I have to write about what a great time I had. The truth is I’ve genuinely had fun working in the fundraising department of the Cardinal Hume Centre. The jolly environment allows you to enjoy any work you do, either researching about the inner workings of the teenage brain and thinking of ways to best put forward a presentation on the work the charity does or realising that you have forgotten your alphabet while filing consent forms. I have done many things while being here, practising my photography skills, helping out at the nursery or simply learning the basics of office life – like don’t take random food from the fridge. Or that when the email goes out that there are doughnuts in the staff room, you need to leg it. I was also able to learn more about the actual hostel. In my head I assumed it was going to be quite dirty and grim, this wasn’t the case. It seemed nice and well maintained. I also enjoyed the all Centre conference I attended on Tuesday, it gave me a look into business side of charity work. What surprised me most is how much effort is put into getting the word to younger people. I didn’t realise the different aspects of appealing to the youth of today.  I took some time to look into the different aspects of the teenage brain. Overall I would say I enjoyed my time at the Cardinal Hume Centre.

Arthur Davies
I was also doing work experience for the Center. I however was only here for two days so do not have as much to say. I can say however that I was surprised at the different things this one place does. For example in one day I both helped out in a nursery and took part in a facilities check of the hostel. I hadn’t expected much time to be put into the hostel. I would have thought that most of the funding would be put behind the older people but a lot of time is spent on raising awareness amongst the younger people. I regret only having come for two days rather than the full week, as it sounds like that there was a lot I missed out on.