Geogina’s Story – video

Georgina had been in foster care since she was four years old. She’d grown up in the system, and had seen very little of her mum as a result.

When Georgina turned 17 she decided she’d like to give living with her mum a go; and moved out of her foster home. But her mum’s dependency on alcohol lead to a number of clashes, and Georgina realised that she would have to find somewhere else to live.

Speaking to her social worker she found out about the Cardinal Hume Centre and applied for a room. Support from the Centre has given Georgina the opportunities she has needed to move forward with her life; offering her independence and a desire to get her life on track:

“Without this place I really wouldn’t be on the right track, starting a new job, getting my education. At the Cardinal Hume Centre I get all of my independence plus a little bit of extra support. I never feel lonely here. As soon as I moved in everything just felt right.”