Where does £100 go at the Centre?

During Lent we asked you for your thoughts on how the Centre communicates with you. Over 200 of you replied and we were delighted that so many of you thought we were doing well.

One area that received slightly lower scores was ‘I understand how my money is used’. It received a mark of 8 of 10, compared to the 9s and 10s we received for the other questions. To try to make this clearer we have developed the graphic below to show how £100 is spent across the Centre.

The success stories on the website are a result of the one-to-one tailored support that is central to how the Centre works. Your generosity makes it possible for us to provide services in this way. We know that this approach gives people the best chance to realise their full potential and ensures we stay true to our founders words:  “Each person matters. No human life is ever redundant.”

The other area the survey highlighted was that very few people had recommended us to a friend or family member. We then realised that no one at the Centre has ever asked you to do this! So, please tell your friends and family about the Cardinal Hume Centre and help Cardinal Basil Hume’s legacy live on.