Will you give up your bed for Nikki?

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Will you and your colleagues give up your bed to help us fight poverty and homelessness and give people like Nikki* a better future? 

If you live or work in London you will witness homelessness every day. You may ask yourself what can I do or how can make a difference…

But if you could help one person to be given a home, an opportunity to change their future – wouldn’t that make a difference?

We are asking for one really simple act. We are asking you to give up your bed for one night only, to help those who have no bed.

Every night young people are sleeping rough, riding on night buses or moving from one sofa to another.

We are asking you to sleepout for just one night.

The Cardinal Hume Centre is inviting you and your colleagues to join our third  CEO Sleepout, on Monday 31st October 2016 at the prestigious Lord’s Cricket Ground.

All the money you raise will go to help homeless young people, families on the edge of homelessness and vulnerable individuals who will be helped to turn their lives around.

Will you help to make a change?

Sign up by emailing patriciamarron@cardinalhumecentre.org.uk or calling for more info on 020 7222 1602.

Or you can nominate your boss, friend or colleague (you can even do so anonymously!) by clicking here.

Cathy Corcoran, CEO of the Cardinal Hume Centre is taking part in the sleepout, to sponsor her click here! 

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*To protect the identity of those we help we have used a stock image and a different name, however the words are written by one of the 1,400 people the Cardinal Hume Centre helps each year.