Thirty years of turning lives around

Thirty years may seem a mere blip in the great scheme of things but thinking about the number of people who have come through our doors over those years, it’s time beyond measure. Because the
Centre has changed so much, adapting to emerging need, we can’t give you the cumulative statistics.

Opening 1986

But we can say that almost 1,500 people came to the Centre and received one-to-one advice and support last year. Over 60 young people were given a safe environment in which to live, learn and move on to independent living, 200 people gained skills in English, IT and money management, 34 people were supported into work and 25 families were successfully prevented from being evicted from their homes.

Those numbers are just a snapshot of the joys and struggles, hopes and heartbreak, the courage and the achievements which are part of the Centre’s daily life.

Sadly, since Cardinal Hume founded the Centre, we are needed more than ever. What would he say today seeing the homeless young people living on our streets, and the thousands of people still coming through our doors? What I hope he would say is that he is both sad and glad that we are still around thirty years later – as he said at the opening of our hostel for young people (pictured above at the opening):

“You who are here have helped to make all this possible. Your very presence shows your concern for these homeless people. We must all be diligent in our continued pursuit of the resolution of these problems. But in the meantime, we can rejoice in what is being achieved here in the Centre… The community needs more places like this; let us celebrate what it does.”

Cathys Photo v2As we rightly celebrate thirty years of turning lives around, thank you for your support both now and in the future of the Centre which bears his name.
Cathy Corcoran OBE
Chief Executive, Cardinal Hume Centre