Football friendly between Cardinal Hume Centre and Cambridge Associates

Last Thursday (3rd November), on a cold, wintery night, the Cardinal Hume Centre met with local investment advice firm, Cambridge Associates, for a friendly eleven-a-side football match.

Gareth Farmer, one of our Advice and Assessment Officers, was tasked with pulling a squad together to represent the Centre on the pitch. And he wrote a short post-match report for us, below:20161103_181255

“Football can be the great leveller and ‘bringer together of people’, and this was true of our Atletico CHC football team, which brought together the footballing talents of our hostel residents, alongside staff and volunteers.

I had the challenge of gathering together a willing team of 11 players to face off against Cambridge Associates. All were welcome to join the team – it didn’t matter whether you were a boy or a girl, how old you were or if you’d never played football before! We were looking for an ‘up for it’ attitude and heaps of enthusiasm.

Six residents from our young people’s hostel eagerly signed up to play. The rest of the team was made up of staff and volunteers (myself as goal keeper), and we were excited to take on Cambridge Associates. In fact we had so many sign up we ended up loaning two of our squad to the Associates on the night!

20161103_180843At 3-1 (to the Associates) it looked as though CHC could get back in the match. And we were all impressed when our Director of Services, Mark Foster, scored a cracking 30 yard goal! However, it was the Cambridge Associates who triumphed in the end with a 5-2 win.

Despite the loss, everyone had a fantastic time on the night. Our young hostel residents got the opportunity to have a new experience in a team environment, alongside staff and volunteers from the Centre.

We hope this could be the start of a more regular fixture. I for one am up for that!”

By Gareth Farmer