Helen’s Story

“I lost my job and my home.

For weeks I was homeless. I carried all my belongings with me as I tried to find a different friend’s sofa to crash on each night. It was difficult and stressful. Had it not been for a kindly passer-by who referred me to a women’s hostel I don’t know how long I would have been on the streets.

The hostel I moved into was clean and I had my own room. Most importantly, it was right across the road from the Cardinal Hume Centre.

The Centre became my lifeline. I would go there to use their computer room to search for work, I was able to get benefits advice and when I was really struggling to make ends meet they made sure I had food and toiletries.

I started meeting with Jeanita, an employment and training officer at the Centre. She was the first person to ask me about my passions and aspirations. She helped me with job applications and getting my CV up to scratch. She didn’t just want me to get into any job, she wanted me to reach for my dream job. Her belief in me gave me the confidence to apply for roles which I had always believed were out of my reach.

Jeanita encouraged me to develop my writing skills by setting up my own blog and she conducted mock interviews with me to help prepare for the real thing.

Last year I secured full time employment at a leading London college. I don’t know if I could have maintained the confidence to keep aiming high had it not been for the support I received at the Cardinal Hume Centre.”


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