Charity Shop Donations

We are always grateful for donations to our Cardinal Hume Centre charity shop; everything we receive helps us to do more for families in Westminster.

There are however a few things that sadly we’re unable to take, and we’d hate for anyone to have a wasted journey to us, so please check the list below before donating your items.

Basic / value priced items are perfectly fine. In fact, they are preferable in many cases. Stretch your money wisely and get as much as you can (of a decent basic quality) in order to help as many people as possible. Even just a few pounds will go a long way. If you see a “buy one, get one free” offer in the supermarket, why not choose that item instead of your usual brand? Some people just add £10 to their big shop

Many people are in fuel poverty, so like things that can be eaten cold or with minimal boiling. Many families only have a kettle.

Priority items indicated with *

Dry items

*White rice or brown rice (not big sacks)

*Basmati rice

*Chick peas / Lentils

*Dried pasta Couscous

Dried beans / peas (such as black eyed beans, dried lentils, etc)

Soups – packet

Packet noodles (ideally ones that just need hot water added)

Cereal bars


Sugar (small bags)

Tea bags (everyday)

Instant mash potato

Dried fruit (e.g. raisins)


Breakfast cereals (basic brands)



*Pasta sauces

*Hot Sauce


Peanut butter

Instant coffee


*Cooking oil

Long life / UHT milk Semi-Skimmed

Long life fruit juice


Canned foods (with pop-top lids ideally)

*Tinned tomatoes (cheapest is fine, often chopped)

*Canned pulses such as lentils or beans

Coconut milk



Tinned vegetables

Tinned fruit

Tinned meat

Rice pudding




*Sanitary pads (not tampons)

Wet wipes

Deodorants (unisex)


Shampoo / 2 in 1

Shower gel

Disposable razors

Nappies (disposable, unisex). Size 3, 5, 6 are popular


Body moisturiser

Household (please bag these separately away from food)

Kitchen roll

Household cleaning products

Washing powder / gel

Washing up liquid

“Environmentally friendly” household products are preferred, to reduce the volume of harmful substances

Kid’s treats

Snacks/ treats for pack lunch

Healthy snacks (granola bars, nuts, dried fruit)

Chocolate bar


Tinned fruit



*Store vouchers (Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc.)

*Spices (turmeric, paprika, all spice, dried garlic)

Carrier bags (not the 5pm type, but the heavier grade / ‘bag for life’)

Black pepper

Chilli powder

AA batteries (new, in packaging)

Can opener (cheap, basic)

Phone chargers (new)

Seasonal – Winter months

Gloves (adult / child), woolly hats, child scarf.

Sleeping bags (used are fine, clean)


Less popular:

Baked beans

Soups – tinned

Jam / marmalade



Pet food

Unusual items – octopus, caviar, truffle oil

Formula milk

Baby food

Talcum powder


Please avoid

Fresh milk


Opened items

Out-of-date items (although tins are normally OK up to 1 year)

Unlabeled food or any food packages that do not list ingredients

Items where the labels are not in English

Homemade items

Frozen food

Cracked jars

Part-used toiletries

Electrical goods