Home Heroes wanted to take up the 2.6 Challange

Calling all home heroes! Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Why not help the work of the Cardinal Hume Centre at the same time? Create your own tough mudder challenge, walk 2.6km around your house in fancy dress – that’s 3,412 steps! The money raised will mean we can continue to support families living in poverty.

Despite the challenges, the Cardinal Hume Centre is managing to keep its hostel open, helping 37 young people to stay safe and off the streets. Every single day we have front-line staff working 24 hours, running everything from cookery lessons to mental health workshops.

So why not take up the challenge as an individual, as a family or link up with friends and do a team activity?

Thinking what to do?

Here are some ideas
On your own
  • Learn to count to 26 in a different language
  • Walk 2.6km inside your house
  • Binge 26 episodes of your favourite show
  • Bake 26 cupcakes
  • Walk up and down the stairs 26 times
  • Juggle for 26 minutes
With the family
  • Who can do the most skips in 26 seconds
  • Build a tower out of 26 different objects
  • Find 26 items that start with each letter of the alphabet
  • Draw 26 rainbows
As a group
  • 26 question quiz with 26 friends
  • Get 26 friends together for a virtual workout
  • Dance to music with friends for 26 minutes
  • Host a virtual supper with 26 friends

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