A Christmas message

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone. At its heart Christmas is a time for celebrating the potential in all life and a time for hope. You will always find that hope at the Cardinal Hume Centre. Breaking out of poverty and escaping homelessness, takes courage and bravery. We may be working differently, but we remain resolutely open for […]

Livelihoods at risk

We saw many clients who had been working prior to the pandemic, their lives thrown into turmoil by job and income losses. Debbie and her team has worked on immigration cases throughout lockdown.

Our hostel in lockdown

Keeping our hostel open and safe was our top priority. Head of Homeless Services for Young People Susie worked here throughout lockdown and explains what life has been like in the hostel.

Responding to a global pandemic

The effects of Covid-19 began to be felt in the UK in March 2020, with the Prime Minister announcing a lockdown on the evening of Monday 23 March. While the Cardinal Hume Centre has long had contingency plans, the combination of coronavirus and lockdown has meant working in ways few could have imagined.

No such thing as a ‘perfect family’

So often we feel that we don’t live up to the ideal of what the family should look like or be. We compare our families to those seen on TV, to the family life our friends portray, to the photographs we see on social media and, if honest, to what we think the Church expects of our family. Yet in […]

Josef’s story

There are many reasons people become homeless; abuse, addiction, revenge eviction. What about bureaucracy? Read about Josef’s family.

Annette’s Story

It is never an easy step leaving a job you are unhappy in – especially when the next step is an unknown – but working in a job which causes inordinate amounts of stress takes its toll….

The national debate comes to the Centre

What separates the parties? Where do they stand on poverty and homelessness? To answers these questions and more we welcomed in three highly knowledgeable guest speakers.

General Election 2015: What matters is our action

With just three weeks until the General Election, the Centre continues to encourage all volunteers, clients and staff to find out about the stance of candidates on issues that matter to them, and use their voice.

Primary Schools Homelessness film

Our new film is specifically aimed at primary school children. The film introduces homelessness, what the Cardinal Hume Centre does to help and how your school can get involved. If you would like a hard copy of the film, more information about Change A Life, or for our community fundraiser to visit your school (distance permitting) – please email stephencurrid@cardinalhumecentre.org.uk