Reflections for Lent

The words of Cardinal Hume give guidance and purpose to the Cardinal Hume Centre. His pragmatism and prayerfulness are still the roots of the Centre. His Benedictine values, are what makes the Centre such a special place.

By sharing some of his words with you, we hope that you will find his reflections as helpful in your Lenten journey, as we do every day at the Centre.lent prayer book cover - christ resurrected

We take real strength from his words “Each person matters. No human life is ever redundant”.It certainly resonates when we think of the people in need at our doors, but also, with each of us and our own lives.

They are words of hope.

Hope is what is offered here at the Centre, but it is also what is offered in the resurrection at Easter.

Please join us in prayer this Lent, as we deepen our relationship with God and prepare for the gift of hope. Please follow the links below to find the most recent reflection.

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