Annabelle’s story

Annabelle and her baby were facing lockdown in complete isolation until they came to the Cardinal Hume Centre.

Making friends at the Centre’s Family Centre

This summer the Centre’s family services team ran a space-themed holiday activity programme for families living on low incomes. Over 36 families attended, with 90 children getting to enjoy a range of inter-galactic activities, games, trips and film screenings between 27th July and 28th August.

Free Summer Programme

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No such thing as a ‘perfect family’

So often we feel that we don’t live up to the ideal of what the family should look like or be. We compare our families to those seen on TV, to the family life our friends portray, to the photographs we see on social media and, if honest, to what we think the Church expects of our family. Yet in […]

A very special thank you – video

We were all very moved by the generosity displayed by our supporters before Christmas, and our clients were incredibly appreciative. Please watch this watch this special short video.

“One big family” at the Centre

For five weeks throughout July and August the Centre’s family services team welcomed low income families to the Summer Programme. The free programme provides a safe and engaging place for children up to the age of 12, helping them build their confidence, improve social skills and generally have lots of fun.