Kathy & Evelyn’s Story

Kathy & Evelyn both generously volunteer in the advice and assessment team, running the client facing reception. The experience has really opened their eyes to how much people are struggling.

Josef’s story

There are many reasons people become homeless; abuse, addiction, revenge eviction. What about bureaucracy? Read about Josef’s family.

Jenny’s Story

Read an account of our Welfare Rights Officer’s typical day helping the vulnerable people who come to the Centre for advice.

CEO Blog – Poverty of Information

A New Crisis Many of the people who come to the Centre for help have either been ‘lost in the system’ or simply confounded by it. By ‘system’ I mean how our world, our society, is run. There are rules. And it doesn’t matter whether you understand the rules or even if you don’t know there are rules, ‘it is what […]

Nina’s Story

After Nina’s husband abandoned her and her children she was struggling to find a suitable place to live. The Cardinal Hume’s Centre has been able to give her advice and help in seeking a home.

Parents campaign for better housing – video

Staff and supporters have been attending the first public screening of a highly moving film produced with support from the Centre. Parents who use Cardinal Hume Centre’s family services are campaigning for better support, advice and information for families living in overcrowded or poor quality housing. To help promote the campaign, and to portray the conditions and emotions involved, the parents have produced […]