Kathy & Evelyn’s Story

Kathy & Evelyn both generously volunteer in the advice and assessment team, running the client facing reception. The experience has really opened their eyes to how much people are struggling.

Abiola’s Story

After seven years of getting nowhere, Abiola finally found the help she needed at the Cardinal Hume Centre.

Lavonne’s Story

After sleeping rough, Lavonne and her daughter are starting a new life, all thanks to the Centre’s dedicated support.

Justine’s Story

Thanks to the Centre Justine finally has security and a way to support her family, but her struggle continues.

Jenny’s Story

Read an account of our Welfare Rights Officer’s typical day helping the vulnerable people who come to the Centre for advice.

Tomasi’s Story

Tomasi spent 10 years trying to get the right to stay in the UK with his children, then he met the Cardinal Hume Centres immigration advice team.

CEO Blog – Poverty of Information

A New Crisis Many of the people who come to the Centre for help have either been ‘lost in the system’ or simply confounded by it. By ‘system’ I mean how our world, our society, is run. There are rules. And it doesn’t matter whether you understand the rules or even if you don’t know there are rules, ‘it is what […]

Breakfast Briefing: Immigration

This week the Cardinal Hume Centre held a breakfast briefing on one of the hottest issues of the moment, bringing guests from the worlds of business, politics and non-profits to cut through some of the rhetoric and myth around immigration and understand the reasons why people migrate. The Corinthia Hotel, who generously hosted the event, welcomed representatives from Land Security, the Home Office, the […]