International Women’s Day

Sunday is International Women’s Day. Teresa who learn to read at the Centre is one of many stories of inspirational women connected to the Centre.

Expanding fundraising team

The Cardinal Hume Centre is very excited to announce that we are expanding our brilliant fundraising team and as a result of we are now recruiting for two new part-time roles; Major Donor Assistant and Trust Officer.

CEO Blog – Use your vote or lose your voice

In the run up to the general election, the Centre will be encouraging and supporting people to register, particularly the young people in our hostel, given that some 3 million young people who are eligible to vote have not registered.

CEO Blog – World Homeless Day

Homeless Jesus World Homeless Day provides an opportunity for us all to talk about a truth that many of us in the UK don’t perhaps want to face… Tonight, people in the 7th richest in the world will have no bed to sleep in or roof over their head; and an increasing number of people are forced to live in […]

CEO Blog – Food Poverty

As the debate over rising food bank use continues our CEO, Cathy Corcoran, offers her opinions and wonders what our founder, Cardinal Basil Hume, might have thought.

My homeless experience – about my confidence

I remember. It brings back so many flashbacks when I think how weak and depressed I used to be. When I came here to this hostel (Cardinal Hume Centre) I felt paranoid. I didn’t want to cope, I felt really scared because I thought that only drug addicts were the type of people who stayed in hostels. But as one […]

From scepticism to obsession?

Cathy Corcoran OBE – CEO My life changed quite dramatically in March when I finally got it about Twitter.  I had flirted with using it as a New Year Resolution – twice – much to the pleasure and then disappointment of the fundraising team.  I am now hooked. Twitter is informative, educative, and fun.  From laugh out loud to the source of […]

Building five new flats

24/05/13 – Update 7: The Final Furlong! The builders have been steadily moving forward and we’re now coming up to the final stages of the project as the flats take shape. Dermot, the plasterer, has been making the walls super smooth,flat and perpendicular to the floor, so much so that any visitor just can’t resist touching them! The Big’un from […]

Employment Team Success Leaves Work Programme in the Shade

Corin Pilling – Manager of Learning, Development and Employment Over the last 12 months, the Cardinal Hume Centre’s Employment Team has achieved some exceptional results, helping  over 50 clients into work. Many people looking for work are faced with multiple barriers such as housing issues, experiences of long- term unemployment and a lack of relevant skills.  Yet through one service […]

Cardinal Hume and Me

Cathy Corcoran OBE – CEO Last week was the 13th Anniversary of Cardinal Hume’s death which always provides a time of reflection for people to reminisce about encounters with our founder – I wanted to share one of mine with you. In October 1984 I was working for CAFOD and visiting Brussels with a BBC News team, harassing various EU government […]

Celebrating Volunteers

    A week really isn’t long enough to celebrate everything that volunteers make happen at the Centre.  Once again the Cardinal Hume Centre celebrated Volunteers’ Week and giving thanks for the amazing contribution that our 100+ volunteers and mentors make in delivering services to our clients. Volunteers Week is an annual event held during the first week of June […]

For my kids, you saved my life.

  Sophia Barrett – Immigration Adviser It’s been a busy few months in the immigration team: deportation appeals, protecting the immigration status of non British women of British husbands fleeing domestic violence. Add to the mix the asylum seekers fleeing persecution because of their political beliefs, sexuality, or ethnicity. Then there is the  often complex situation of familes who have a […]

Not Only Giving Back

  Vida Simpeh Volunteer I have been volunteering at the Centre for just over 6 weeks and I must say so far so good. Volunteering is something I have been doing since the age of 15. I started volunteering with the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme at my school. At first it was only because my friends were doing it too […]

Our doors are open

  Cathy Corcoran – CEO Last Sunday I was working in our young people’s hostel when the buzzer at the street entrance went and in came a well dressed older woman.  She said she was staying in the hostel opposite and had noticed that Pret a Manger often delivered free sandwiches. She hoped we didn’t mind, and asked if it was […]

2011 Review

2011 Review –  Martha Clarke, Director of Communications   The end of the year often a time for reflection and taking stock and for me part of that means looking back at my first year at the Cardinal Hume Centre. ….so that’s just what I’ve done. When I started out training as a journalist I never imagined I would end […]

IT can change lives

Yusuf Patel, Adult Learning and Development Officer. This week my colleagues and I were hit by a local power outage that disrupted our internet connection; so dependent are we on the internet to access information, check client records and communicate with the world outside that many of us suffered withdrawal as we frantically waited to hear when our internet connection […]

A Gateway to better things

Gareth Farmer – Gateway Officer Life in the Gateway is never dull, far from it. From housing emergency, help with understanding a benefits form to finding somebody a clinic, at the Gateway we see all! We never know which order these issues might present themselves or the background of the people bringing them to us. To bring you up to speed, […]

From Argentina to London

Richard Bennett – Immigration Advisor Working as the immigration advisor at Cardinal Hume Centre in the heart of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities brings you into contact with some very interesting characters from all corners of the globe. Take for example Roberto, an elderly Argentinean gentleman, who has led a colourful and peripatetic life. He lived in the UK […]