Annette’s Story

It is never an easy step leaving a job you are unhappy in – especially when the next step is an unknown – but working in a job which causes inordinate amounts of stress takes its toll….

The national debate comes to the Centre

What separates the parties? Where do they stand on poverty and homelessness? To answers these questions and more we welcomed in three highly knowledgeable guest speakers.

General Election 2015: What matters is our action

With just three weeks until the General Election, the Centre continues to encourage all volunteers, clients and staff to find out about the stance of candidates on issues that matter to them, and use their voice.

Election countdown

The General Election is five weeks away and we are busy encouraging our clients to get involved.

Jenny’s Story

Read an account of our Welfare Rights Officer’s typical day helping the vulnerable people who come to the Centre for advice.

Plater Trust Awards

Once again we were delighted to host the annual Plater Trust Awards, presented by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, who is also a Patron of the Cardinal Hume Centre.

A hugely successful evening!

The Cardinal Hume Centre’s inaugural concert has been a definite success, with incredible performances invoking huge applause and over £25,000 raised.

Ken’s story

For many people facing a crisis it is hard to know where to turn. Pride, fear, uncertainty can all make taking the first step difficult. For Ken, who has always worked hard to put food on the table for himself and his partner, unemployment and failed attempts at finding work meant having to choose between a meal for the day […]

CEO Blog – Use your vote or lose your voice

In the run up to the general election, the Centre will be encouraging and supporting people to register, particularly the young people in our hostel, given that some 3 million young people who are eligible to vote have not registered.

A very special thank you – video

We were all very moved by the generosity displayed by our supporters before Christmas, and our clients were incredibly appreciative. Please watch this watch this special short video.

Tomasi’s Story

Tomasi spent 10 years trying to get the right to stay in the UK with his children, then he met the Cardinal Hume Centres immigration advice team.

The Volunteer Survey 2014

Our volunteers are incredibly valuable to us, therefore we want to know whether they feel valued and if their time here is mutually beneficial. For two years we have collected detailed feedback from them in the Annual Volunteer Survey, and the 2014 results are in.

A Tribute to the late Paul Goggins

This tribute was also published in the January issue of the Oremus. Tickets to the memorial concert are on sale here. I can count the number of times I shared time with Paul Goggins on one hand. And yet I will never forget this lovely man. He had a magnesium flash about him; as busy as ten stretched people, there […]