Children cared for

Poverty and poor housing seriously reduce a child’s quality of life. A lack of exercise and creative activities can affect a child’s development and ultimately their future. Many parents are living in overcrowded accommodation, struggling to pay the bills, and feed and clothe their children. For families in poverty, life is tough.

The Cardinal Hume Centre is a community hub for families. With an Ofsted registered nursery offering free childcare, support groups for parents, as well as breakfast and after school clubs. Our family centre is a safe place for families. Parents can even leave their children, knowing they are safe and nearby while using our other classes such as IT, or visiting a member a staff for advice.

With help from the Centre, children flourish, and have the chance to play, get messy, and start school at the same level of development as their peers, while parents can get childcare advice, and use all the other facilities on offer at the Centre.