Ridgeway Partners

The global advisory firm help clients prepare for that all-important interview.

Ridgway Partners, a global advisory firm specialising in executive search and recruitment, have been giving employment clients the opportunity to gain interview experience and psychometric testing, in preparation for that all-important interview.

It is invaluable for the employment team, to have a company they can call upon to offer pre- interview preparation from professional and experienced recruiters.

Ben, part of the employment team at the Cardinal Hume Centre, recognises that taking clients out of the comfort of the Centre and into a genuine interview experience is vital to help them prepare.

‘The feedback has been excellent from both our clients and the team at Ridgeway. Our clients have really benefitted from the realistic experience of the whole interview process from the moment they enter the building through to the actual interview’.

The team at RiClient interviewdgeway Partners regularly meet with employment clients to offer them a realistic interviewing environment.  Each interviewee meets with a member of Ridgeways recruitment team, who interviews them for their particular ‘role’. Each client then receives a thorough and personalised feedback, highlighting what they did well and providing tips on  areas they could improve.

The employment clients recognise the benefits of pre-interview practice. Whitney* who recently secured a position as a high level administrator, was so delighted with the support that Ridgway Partners gave her, that when she got offered her job she sent them a present as a thank you.

Sophie Kolatchew, from Ridgeway Partners, explains why they want to be involved.

“As a search firm, we are constantly interviewing people, and the opportunity to do this for the betterment of our local community has proved enormously rewarding.  We hope that the experience has been beneficial for question-and-answer skills, but most importantly, as a confidence-builder for the candidates.  There is nothing better than hearing that following an interview session with us, a candidate has been placed successfully in a new role.”

Ridgeway Partners support demonstrates how companies can use their skills and expertise to help those who need it most.

Thank you Ridgeway Partners.

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