Corporate Support

Can your company help the Centre and our clients?

Our corporate partner programme is called ‘Foot in the Door’ –  companies giving people the chance to turn their lives around

Foot in the Door is a partnership between the Cardinal Hume Centre and businesses who share the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their goals and build better lives for themselves and their families.

Employment is the long-term solution to escaping poverty and moving further away from the threat of homelessness.

Thanks to our corporate partners, 69 people secured employment (more than one a week) last year and are now able to move forward with their lives.

Foot in the door is about celebrating and sharing the success of these people, while developing new ways that the Centre can work with businesses to increase opportunities for people who need a little bit more support and are ready to grab an opportunity with both hands.

Businesses can help through a range of opportunities:

  • Interview practice
  • Work Experience
  • Job Shadowing
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteering
  • Paid employment

By being part of Foot in the door you will get

  • The opportunity to help turn lives around
  • The option for your Business to feature as our Foot in the Door ‘Partner of the Month’ in one of our monthly updates that will be sent to supporters and promoted across our social media channels
  • Regular updates demonstrating how your support has made a difference
  • Annual drinks event where you can meet other Foot in the Door partners and hear from people whose lives you have helped.

Watch our Foot in the Door video.

If your company would like to join Foot in the Door or you would like more info please contact email Patricia Marron or call 020 7222 1602