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July’s Partner of the Month:  Gallowglass Security

After five years of unemployment Asan*, has found work with the support of the Cardinal Hume Centre and Foot in the Door partner Gallowglass Security.

Asan, 46, fled to London to avoid conflict and persecution in his own country. He initially found work as a Security Guard but a change in personal circumstances led to him losing his job and becoming unemployed. Despite repeated attempts to get back into work, he found it difficult to secure a new role and was unemployed for over five years.

Asan smallAsan came to the Cardinal Hume Centre in February 2014 and was introduced to Richard Breedt in the employment team who worked with and supported him in his search for work.

“Being out of work for a long time has a really negative impact on your motivation. I knew I wanted to move back into work, but it became increasingly difficult to motivate myself. During my meetings with Richard it seemed as though a weight had been lifted – I saw it was possible to get back into work. He helped me with my CV, cover letters and filling in applications. All of a sudden I felt I wasn’t alone – I felt inspired and encouraged.” – Asan

Asan felt the additional support available at the Cardinal Hume Centre helped improve his job search:

“I knew I was a highly professional person and would be able to impress employers once I met them, but getting in front of them was the real difficulty. Richard helped me sell myself better when completing applications and developing my CV – when I read a completed application, I knew it was me, simply better! Our regular meetings would also encourage me to maintain my job search momentum and take the time to complete a decent application.”

In addition to their work with clients, the employment team are always looking for new companies to work with that can offer opportunities and support to help people into work. In March 2015 existing Foot in the Door Partner Grosvenor invited employment officer Ben Anderson to their Sustainable Procurement Forum. This unique event brought Grosvenor suppliers and contractors together with charities and community groups. This resulted in the Centre establishing a new partnership with Gallowglass Security. The security firm were looking for high quality candidates to be put forward for security and concierge roles. Richard and Ben though it might be an ideal opportunity for Asan.

“Richard and Ben explained the opportunity and asked whether I would like to be considered for a role with Gallowglass. I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to get in front of an employer and show what I could do.” – Asan

Gallowglass, one of London’s leading security firms, provide a range of services including event security, building security and property management. The firm puts prospective employees through a rigorous recruitment process, including interview and trial shift at one of Gallowglass’ sites.

Clients put forward for roles at Gallowglass must prove their motivation and commitment for the job in hand. George Oliver at Gallowglass explains:

“We want the best possible candidates working for us, so it is important that everyone who is put forward for roles at Gallowglass has the opportunity to demonstrate their  professionalism and commitment. The more we trust someone to get the job done, the  better the work they get. Asan came through with flying colours, so we were able to place  him in a range of roles with our various clients.”

Asan was delighted to have secured a job and immediately impressed with his commitment and work ethic. Gallowglass always look to reward loyal and professional staff, soon Asan was referred for and secured a role with Gallowglass, working at a Grosvenor site.. This will see him providing concierge and property management services to some of the most exclusive real estate in the UK.

 “I was put forward for a role with Grosvenor. I was invited to attend a meeting with directors from Grosvenor; having demonstrated my abilities and professionalism I was asked to work on their sites. I couldn’t believe how far I had come.”

Asan is now keen to use his experience to help others in their job search and working with the Cardinal Hume Centre Employment Team to assist recruitment of new candidates for security and concierge roles:

“I feel so fortunate to have worked with Richard and Ben from the Cardinal Hume Centre and to be offered work with Gallowglass – I now have a career to be proud of. I now want to make a small contribution by helping other clients into work with Gallowglass.”

*To protect the identity of the people we help, we have changed the name and used a stock photo.

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