Land Securities

Provides training, funding and job opportunities for our clients


The Land Securities ‘Homeless into work project’ gives people in search of work the opportunity to gain skills and experience in the construction industry.

Land Securities are providing a practical solution to help people including those who are homeless and the long term unemployed to gain the skills and experience necessary to find and sustain work.

As part of the programme, the Construction Academy offers two weeks of health and safety training, followed by a two week placement onsite and a guaranteed interview for participants. On completion of the course, three of the Centre clients have been offered jobs, including Nsa who has gone from living in a shelter to full time employment and his own home.

Richard Breedt, part of the employment team at the Centre says

“What is great about the Homeless into Work programme, is that it offers people the chance to learn skills, gain practical experience and (for three of our clients) a job offer at the end. Additionally, Land Securities are offering opportunities to clients who are over 40, an often overlooked group when it comes to employment support, yet most have years of experience and skills and a real drive to find sustainable employment.”

Philip Barron, Corporate Responsibility manager at Land Securities says…“As part of our investment to regenerate Victoria we are committed to ensuring that the transformation of the area benefits all members of the local community.  By partnering with the Cardinal Hume Centre we are able to reach some of the most disadvantaged local people and support them with employment opportunities as part of our developments.  The team at Cardinal Hume are a pleasure to work with and really responsive to us in collaborating on a partnership which meets our business needs as well as the charity’s aims.”

The Centre had been working in partnership with Land Securities for almost two years and in that time we have been overwhelmed by their support. They have financially supported projects such as the Centre’s Basil Hume House giving a home for young people like Hannah, organised staff volunteering,  given pro bono advice to our facilities manager and ran open days for the young residents living in the Centre’s hostel.

The Partnership with Land Securities and the Centre was recognised when we won the Partnership Award at the Westminster Community Awards in June this year.

Thank you Land Securities.

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