Shirley’s Story

The Cardinal Hume Centre is well known as a local refuge for young people escaping a life on the streets. The Centre’s hostel offers them sanctuary and a chance to turn their lives around. But the Centre’s sense of duty does not end there, and with Cardinal Hume’s Benedictine ethos guiding its work a warm welcome is offered to all […]

Making friends at the Centre’s Family Centre

This summer the Centre’s family services team ran a space-themed holiday activity programme for families living on low incomes. Over 36 families attended, with 90 children getting to enjoy a range of inter-galactic activities, games, trips and film screenings between 27th July and 28th August.

Refugee crisis: Precious in the eyes of God

Given the current refugee crisis, there is a temptation to join the fearmongers in calling for iron gates to ‘keep out the masses’. As an organisation which holds the belief that each person is created in the image of God, and is therefore valuable and precious with the right to the fullness of life, what should our response be? Our CEO Cathy Corcoran […]

A varied experience of work

The Centre was very grateful to have two enthusiastic volunteers from London Nautical School helping out across various services last week.

Kathy & Evelyn’s Story

Kathy & Evelyn both generously volunteer in the advice and assessment team, running the client facing reception. The experience has really opened their eyes to how much people are struggling.

Centre’s volunteers praised in House of Lords debate

At a debate in the House of Lords this week, Lord Touhig praised the diversity of volunteers at the Cardinal Hume Centre and the support they give to the hundreds of people who come to the Centre for support each month.

Darryl’s Story

Darryl left the Centre four-years-ago, in a much better situation than when he arrived, and things have kept improving for him.

Nadeisha’s Story

Nadeisha started volunteering in our hostel at the beginning of this year, returning to the Centre 18 years after receiving help here herself.

Abiola’s Story

After seven years of getting nowhere, Abiola finally found the help she needed at the Cardinal Hume Centre.

Celebrating young people

Hundreds of young people, youth workers, teachers and supporters from across England and Wales, gathered in London’s Leicester Square on 1 July, for the inaugural Celebrating Young People Awards, organised by Million Minutes.

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