Darryl's Story

Darryl's Story

When Darryl came to the Cardinal Hume Centre in 2010 he was in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse; his life was in ruins. However, what he had in abundance was motivation, a determination to turn his life around and in six short months, with the help of the staff at the Centre, he managed to do just that. You may recognise Darryl from our Winter magazine in 2010. At that time Darryl was moving out of his room at the Centre to start a job as a night receptionist for a luxury hotel in Central London. He had worked extremely hard during his time at the Centre  " learning how to do his own washing, how to cook and attended IT classes. The employment team had helped set up an interview for Darryl and the housing team had helped him find his own flat.

It has now been over four years since Darryl left the Centre and his motivation to succeed has seen him rise through the ranks in the hotel industry. From porter to night receptionist to general manager in the space of four years, Darryl has transformed his life in a truly remarkable way. His appreciation for what the Centre did for him in 2010 has prompted him to see if he can give something back: When I think back to how I was pre-2010 and how I am now I can't even compare it. I was a mess. The Centre was a safe place where I was able to get myself together. It opened doors to everything. Through the Centre I learnt how to look after myself, I got help to find a house and a job. Everything I've achieved has come through the Cardinal Hume Centre.

Darryl currently manages a team of 31 staff in a newly refurbished hotel in the heart of London's West End. With a high staff turnover in the hotel industry he is always on the lookout for new staff and is keen to link in with the Centre to offer work opportunities to the people your donations are helping: We're always on the lookout for good staff and I'd like to give someone a chance. It gives them a starting point. Getting a job was a chance for me to find myself again.

Alongside part-time and full-time roles, the hotel's links with Paragon Skills for Industry will also offer new recruits the chance to do NVQs in catering and the Centre's employment team are keen to make the most of Darryl's generous offer by matching up people they are working with to the roles available.

Darryl's story is a shining example of the importance of allowing individuals to realise their full potential. Because of your support he is now in a position to help others and his own ambition continues to grow: My plans are to establish myself here and get a West End hotel on my CV and then take a sideways step into a bigger hotel. There is still so much to learn and I'd like to learn from an experienced General Manager. Who knows, I could be training someone to take over my job. And so the cycle will continue.

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