Make a donation and give hope this Lent

“There is no situation that is so dark nor apparently so irretrievable that would justify hope being a stranger.” Cardinal Basil Hume, OSB


The need for free, independent advice and support continues to grow year on year. In 2014 1,863 people came to the Centre for help.


This Lent we are aiming to raise £33,000 to support the work of our Advice and Assessment team. Providing crucial advice and support to people in need, they offer a non-judgemental welcome to each individual who comes to the Centre for help.


A donation this Lent could help people who are forced to choose between heating and food; it could give support to a mother who fears she won’t be able to pay her bills; and it could mean the difference between a night on the streets or a safe place to sleep for a young person.